Benefits of moving to Costa Rica

• Most of the country is 1000 metres above sea level and enjoys a near perfect climate. No air conditioning nor heating required. There are two seasons: summer and the rainy season. Both seasons are warm. Rainfall varies according to location. There are small differences in temperature and rainfall according to location. Indeed Atenas claims to have the best climate in the world. For beach lovers there is a wide variety of stunningly beautiful unspoilt beaches as well as a few beach towns with restaurants and nightlife Costa Rica has no army and one of the lowest crime rates in Latin America as well as One of the highest life expectancies. There is a universal health and education system although private schools and hospitals are also available. A high literacy rate, a large proportion of university educated People and a large bilingual majority particularly amongst younger generations.

. Costa Rica is widely acknowledged as the most biodiverse country on the planet. This is largely thanks to the protected national parks which cover over one quarter of the country protecting a multitude of ecosystems and supporting a wide array of wild life. Four species of monkey are common along with scarlet macaws, sloths, butterflies and humming birds. The natural bounty extends to the sea with coral reefs on the Caribbean coast whilst the Pacific offers sanctuary for whales from both the Arctic and Antarctic to breed and raise their young. The vegetation and wild life vary between the Atlantic and Pacific and drier north and lush vegetation of the the south. At higher elevations there is unspoilt cloud forest as well as many coffee plantations. Other common crops include bananas and pineapples.

Central Valley

The Central Valle is a plateau and a geographic region of central Costa Rica. The land in the valley is a relative plain, despite being surrounded by several mountains , the latter part of the Central Range. The region houses almost three quarters of Costa Ricans, and includes the capital and most populous city, San José. The valley is shared among the provinces of Alajuela, Heredia, San José and Cartago.

 Because of the agglomeration of population, the valley is the center of commerce, industry and service activities.

Pacific Coast

IS characterized by narrow coastal plains with short torrential rivers. The climate is a transitional one varying between dry tropical forest in the north and rain forest in the south. Máximum temperatures are around 34c and mínimum temperatures rarely fall below 20c..

The región´s geography is varied. With mangrove swamps close to Puntarenas, as well as some of the country´s  largest islands (Chira, Venado, Negritos, San Lucas, Tortuga, etc.), as well as the distant isla del Coco which is considered within its jurisdiction.

The main cities are Puntarenas the largest and most developed of the región), Orotina, San Mateo, Miramar, Esparza,Jacó, Parrita y Quepos.


There are also many volcanoes, some active providing warm thermal baths in places such as arenal. White water rafting is popular along the large rivers which originate in the tropical jungle and meander down to the Caribbean. Many beaches are popular with surfers whilst less demanding activities include golf, sports fishing and scuba diving. Indigenous populations still preserve their way of life deep in the Caribbean jungle. Crime rates are relatively low. English is spoken widely in San Jose and in all the popular tourist destinations. Tourism is an important source of income for the country. multinational companies also provide much employment along with agriculture.  The gastronomy is based on rice and beans in the remote rural areas and more eclectic in the Central Valley which accounts for most of the country's 4 million inhabitants. Well represented expatriate populations include French, German, Italian and Chinese. There is a British school in San Jose and numerous other educational options for expatriate children. Costa Rica regularly tops polls for the happiest people in the world. Local people also tend to be welcoming and friendly.


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